Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint


Today is a good day to choose better.


The term “carbon footprint” gets thrown around a lot these days. Between constant advertising and products bearing green stickers like warm smiles, it is becoming increasingly challenging to navigate what we should be doing to “do our part as a society.” 


There is so much conflicting information out there, as organizations beg consumers to pick them with flashy promises of sustainable packaging and fairly made products. Consumers face a lack of transparency and have to rely on the vague promises of a label that uses popular eco-terms to draw attention.


The reality is that most people who shop with good intentions are stuck relying on what the companies want them to know rather than what they should know.


When it comes to reducing a carbon footprint, Verte Mode believes in real action and self-accountability. But what makes us different from other companies claiming to do the same?


Sustainable Action

Verte Mode participates in local sourcing — buying and selling from locally available brands, including our packaging. It is crucial to support local businesses and do our best to minimize shipping supplies, inevitably adding to our carbon footprint. These simple steps boost local brands, increase communication and interaction, and help us maintain sustainable accessibility.


At Verte Mode, we have a low waste approach to things. We focus on biodegradable packing, and we support companies that do the same. When deciding who to work with, we think it is imperative to encourage our partners to act sustainably as well. This means that if brands are working to reduce their carbon footprint and overall waste, we help them in the transition and promise them a partnership when they reach a certain degree of eco-friendly action. We want to ensure that who we choose to work with is a direct reflection of our values and mission.


All our packaging is locally sourced and entirely biodegradable.  We believe that our products should be a testament to our dedication to mindful living. This means doing away with harmful plastics and non-recyclable materials and working harder to guarantee we do not sacrifice our goals for the sake of something more accessible or inexpensive. We believe our mother planet is worth more effort, so we ask our partnered brands to be 100% eco-friendly.


Why We Do It

Probably one of the most oft-asked questions for sustainable brands is … why?


The obvious answer is that we care about the world we live in and the world we are leaving for the next generations. We want to not just be an example but set standards for low-consumer, mindful living in an age where instant gratification comes at the expense of impact. At Verte Mode, we believe in caring about our products and teaching others to care about where they come from. Our mission is to educate and empower those around us, and we insist on making sure others find the same love for eco-awareness as we have.


Businesses can only benefit from actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing emissions and operating with efficient practices reduces operating costs overall. 


It has also been shown that employees are more likely to work hard for a company they believe is making a change, which is why we care about our employees and how happy they are with their work.


We at Verte Mode hold a standard of accountability and believe in giving back to the world that homes us, the people that enrich us, and the practices that excite us. We understand every step of the process matters, and if we can do anything to better our world — we should.


How You Can Do Your Part

There are a million and one ways you can do your part in minimizing your impact on the Earth: riding your bike or ridesharing, unplugging electronics and appliances when not in use, switching to sustainable materials like bamboo, composting your leftover food scraps, and reducing your water usage are great and easy ways to start. But what about when it comes to shopping? 


The easiest way to get started on reducing your personal footprint is by shopping locally and seasonally! By supporting local vendors, you are directly working with your community to encourage small business growth, eliminate shipping from far away, have a better understanding of the labor practices put into the product, and shop mindfully for what you actually need. 


But what does it mean when we say need? While everyone’s needs vary, we encourage consumers to reflect on the difference between buying mindfully and buying impulsively. Plan a wardrobe for each season that utilizes the creativity of a smaller number of pieces, opposed to buying something new for every season and occasion (and we can help you do that)! Ensure that when you purchase something, it won’t just collect dust in your home and is going to serve a utilitarian purpose for helping make your life easier. And don’t be afraid to buy second hand; thrifting is a great way to bring life into already existing products to prevent them from ending up in a landfill and not further contribute to fast-paced consumer demand.


If you’re someone looking to buy a few new things, we always say to shop smart and sustainably. Look for products that are transparent about their sourcing, distribution, materials, and labor practices. It’s also a great idea to understand labels of products and know what can be harmful to both you and the environment so as to avoid those and invest into companies and brands that believe in carbon offsetting and natural goods.


At Verte Mode, our goal is to help consumers shop better for themselves, for the people around them, and for the world we all share. We offer eco-friendly packaging, source sustainable goods, and are committed to minimizing our footprint in every way. We want to help you find alternatives to harmful products and can’t wait for you to join us in our journey for a better tomorrow.