Verte Initiatives & Programs

We here at Verte Mode understand the importance of giving back to the community and mother nature. As we grow as a collective, we hope to expand and further give back to a multitude of sustainable, social and ethical organizations. Every purchase and donation you give brings us one step closer to expanding and achieving these goals. Below is just the beginning of our Verte Initiatives, we will be adding to this list as we continue on this journey.


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Plastic Offset

One of our primary purposes at Verte is to disrupt the needless plastic floating in our oceans. To make a difference, Verte believes in reducing, repurposing, and reusing before ultimate recycling. That’s why we’re host to many like-minded brands who understand the necessity of reusables.

We’ve also created our own Verte Mode line of reusable essentials to help reduce single-use products that would otherwise end up in landfills. Plastic Neutrality is possible. We’ll make it happen together.

Verte Brands

We’re delighted to be joined by other like-minded brands in this revolution dedicated to mother nature, social justice, and human wellness. Every brand on our platform has been meticulously chosen, vetted, and sealed with a VM stamp of approval.

Interested in becoming a Verte Brand? Think your brand meets the Verte Standard? We’d love to hear from you! [add questionnaire link copy] We encourage each of our Verte Members to learn more about our brands and the #trailblazers behind them.

Organic and Natural

Nature is our muse, and we believe in cherishing its benefits. That’s why we carry various organic and natural products from home supplies to beauty care. Verte Mode’s Marketplace Product Approval Standards already ensure accuracy, transparency, and the use of high-quality ingredients.

Our Vendors are focused on sustainable sourcing to help you make healthier choices, not just for yourself but for your family, too. Mother nature has our back, so we’ve got yours.