Verte Foundation

We are on a mission to support garment workers and uplift women and children throughout the world. Too often, these people are directly impacted by decisions to support fast fashion and a poor materials economy. The inequities they experience are largely due to an lack of consideration or an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. As a result, we are taking advantage of them.


To fix this inadequacy and return to a more fair and just system, Verte Foundation aims to monitor and regulate decisions in-house while also making clear pathways to uplift people out of poverty and into health, wellness, and a chance to live a more prosperous life. 

We’ve identified six groups of garment workers we can directly impact with our mission.

We’ve also begun preparations to locate and alleviate poverty for at lease 25 women annually so that our efforts in sustainable action come full circle. 

A community is as strong as its weakest members, and given the conditions some of our members face, we believe it imperative to take these inequalities into consideration – and create change.