Synthetic vs Natural Textile + Dyes

Living in such a vibrant world means we often demand the same of the products we buy for ourselves. From home decor to clothing, colors add character, dimension and fulfill a need for a personal aesthetic that can help people express their most authentic selves. 

Botanical Dyed Linen by The Waight

Nowadays most of the colorful products we buy, especially from fast fashion brands, are  dyed with synthetic, chemical dyes. These dyes are extremely harmful, not only because they are made from oil, a non-renewable, polluting resource, but especially because unlike natural dyes that contain mordant, these dyes don’t adhere easily to fabrics, thus releasing a large amount of processing waste that is often discharged into water sources or soils, contaminating the areas along their passage and harming animals and plants alike. 


Whereas natural dyes instead utilize plants, roots, shells and many other renewable resources, through processes that often require great attention and craftsmanship handed down from generations, which therefore, in addition to being less harmful to the environment, also supports local traditions and small businesses. 


Here at Verte we encourage you to buy products dyed with natural colors and do our best to offer you products that support local, small businesses that adhere to use natural, non-harmful dyes for their products.