Regenerative Agriculture - Phase 3

How Verte Mode Will Support Regenerative Agriculture

1. Advocate for Regenerative Farming

We can create significant change in our food system and climate crisis simply by the way we choose to spend our money and the companies we choose to support. By supporting companies that invest in regenerative farming, we’re voting for the type of food system we believe is necessary for sustainability.

For these reasons, we’re supporting organic and regenerative farming practices of BIPOC communities to attain a sustainable and ethical global food system.

2. Donate to Regenerative Farming Non-Profits and Research Organizations

Many incredible nonprofits and organizations are working to improve education, access, research, and funding for regenerative farming practices worldwide. These are the regenerative farming organizations we’ve chosen to support:

  • Rodale Institut

  • Fibershed

  • Regeneration International

3. Advocate for Regenerative Clothing

More than just our food can be grown regeneratively, which is why Verte Mode supports textile makers whose methods include regenerative farming practices, such as hemp, linen, organic cotton, and climate-beneficial wool.

4. Support Regenerative and Local Farms

In supporting our local regenerative farmers, we protect and conserve local landscapes from conventional farming and commercial development. Our current food system does not make it easy (or lucrative) for small farmers to farm regeneratively, which is why this support matters.