All Green, All the Time

Each one of Verte Mode’s eco-friendly products is made and delivered with little or n plastic and low waste to help save our landfills and oceans from more needless plastic waste.


What does low waste packaging mean?

Low-waste packaging means that your products arrive without plastic fillers, tapes, and labels. When you buy from Verte Mode, your products arrive clean and safe, just like our products.


How Will My Products Be Packaged?

Typically, your product will arrive in recyclable material or biodegradable materials, like seed paper. Use any browns in your compost bin as carbon-rich support for healthy, yard-friendly compost, and reuse or recycle the rest.


Benefits of Using Less Plastic

While some plastics are reusable, most end up in landfills. Our vendors ditch the plastic in favor of more sustainable options that won’t contribute to the growing problems in landfills or the environment.