Take Action – Plant Trees

Plant Trees

We believe in a green, sustainable planet. For this reason, we actively engage in tree planting as a company in pursuit of two of our core values, reducing our global carbon emissions and supporting farmers in rural underprivileged areas. 

As a company aiming to be carbon neutral, we partner with organizations that plant trees and give a portion of our profits to this purpose. As a group of people who cares about the planet, we invite you to do the same and plant trees according to your lifestyle to offset your carbon footprint.

We understand the importance of planting the right tree in the right place, so we partner with companies that plant trees mindfully, respecting nature and the local communities. All of them have a guide presenting you the options available and the impacts of these choices on the planet. 

We believe in their work because they try to make the process easy and transparent. 

This company has a very intuitive, user-friendly website that guides you through selecting and acquiring your trees. 

Their trees are location specific to respect the local habitat and help support local animals and people. You can choose between supporting farmers in Africa, protecting elephants in Thailand, and more; they will give you all the information related to each choice. If you have a business, there is an option for you as well. They help you find the right package to offset your company footprint according to the service you provide and help you keep track of your impact through their platform.

This company’s brilliant and fun idea is to provide each customer with geolocalization and photo updates of their trees so that everyone can become an informed plant parent. Each tree has a diary where the plant’s parents and friends can comment and track the impact of their tree. 

They have a vast selection of plants in various locations around the world, based on climate conditions and agriculture traditions, in order to make each tree suitable for its final destination and support a local farmer and their family and boost the economy. 

You can choose the three based on impact, final use, country, or species, allowing you to grow an international garden.

They also have partnered with major travel websites to help you plant trees while you book your next vacation.

This company started planting trees years ago without asking for any subscription fee or offering you the possibility to acquire a plant. The only way you could support them was to use their search engine for internet research instead of more traditional ones. The ads from the search provided the funds they needed to plant trees worldwide, and each time you opened the browser, a tree count informed you of how many trees the company planted so far and how much you contributed to that number. 

While this service is still in use today, the company also expanded to offer the purchase of trees. 

The options are many, and they are categorized by impact, from supporting clean water projects to empowering women to protect endangered trees; all these options have a flat rate so that you can choose based on your consciousness, not your budget.