Meet The Team

Chloé Tokar – Editorial Coordinator
A Southern California native, Chloe was raised by a single mother who instilled in her since she was young the importance of caring for our planet and the people on it. She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & New Media from California Baptist University and has worked on national campaigns that focused on reform for incarcerated individuals. She has been a vegetarian for over a decade, works with fostering cats, stays politically-minded regarding environmental causes, and regularly makes lifestyle changes that reflect more sustainable living. Some interests include: plants, running, up-cycled t-shirts, nature shows, and local art.

Anna D’Este – Content Writer


Born and raised in Venice, Italy—Anna has a master’s degree in Climate Change and Governance from Baruch College in New York. Passionate about climate change awareness and education on sustainable living, she has since worked as a researcher and content writer for a recycling company. All her life, she has witnessed what careless consumption and a throwaway mentality can do to a delicate environment. She has devoted her studies and career path to finding ways to help people become more conscious in their everyday decisions.