Take Action – Join a Social Movement

Join a Social Movement

At Verte Mode, we believe that every small action can lead to a significant change, which is why we encourage you to volunteer with a climate movement and actively immerse yourself in a community that wants to see a change and shape a more sustainable future. 


We support a healthy, balanced life, so any amount of time you can give to a social movement is enough, and it’s welcomed. 


We realize it is not always easy to find a group that aligns with your values and shows actual signs of making an impact, so we are presenting you here with a few options that we believe are doing a great job in making their voices heard. 

All these movements are global or well spread around the US, and they are likely to have a base close to you. But if they don’t, that should not discourage you from trying to participate in the change. We encourage you to look for local groups that are active in your area or to search for a movement that speaks to you.


This youth organization is well established around the United States, and it is famous for its advocacy for better policies that protect the environment. 

If you are between 15 and 35 and want to actively participate in the climate revolution, they offer many chances for you to help and support the movement. From donating your time to donating money, every action contributes towards making young voices heard and shaping the future young generations want to live in. On their website, you can look to join a local hub or participate in online discussions each week. However you can contribute, your support is much needed and appreciated. 


This group became popular after participating in the powerful, worldly-recognized Copenhagen protest in 2009. 

They stand to fight those who endanger people and the planet for profit, and they aim to change the rules of our economic and political systems that create injustice and destroy nature. 

From online advocacy to street protests, you can choose how to contribute based on the topic you are most concerned with and believe is more urgent in the climate crisis. You can also choose to donate to the organization if you think donating your time is not enough to bring the change you want to see happening. 


As the name might suggest, this movement consists of a group of women concerned about the planet and engaged in climate action. This group believes women can be at the center of the climate revolution, capable of switching to a sustainable lifestyle, and help others in the transition if they are given the tools. 

They inspire women to cut their carbon pollution and empower them to make significant changes in their everyday life, business, and politics. The group provides guides for independent action, but they invite every woman around the world to join the movement and help in every way they can. 


This group welcomes both organizations and individual supporters in a topic-specific movement to save the planet. 

They believe in creating a world where air, water, lands are free from toxic by-products of plastic pollution. 

They work to bring environmental protection and social justice worldwide and stop plastic pollution across the whole plastics value chain – from extraction to disposal.

If you are passionate about this and believe in a plastic-free world, there are many steps you can take to join this revolution, and their website provides all the information you need. From personally going zero waste to advocating for corporate transformation, you can choose your level of contribution and be part of the change.