Global Co Lab Network

Global Co Lab Network, a virtual “do tank,” is designing an intergenerational engagement focused on empowering trends and millennials, incubating initiatives out of carefully designed informal gatherings or “Cal-Labs,” virtual SDG Hubs, and a global video contest, utilizing mindfulness and design lab philosophies.


Founder, Linda Staheli

Linda has always been passionate about empowering youth-oriented solutions working with established networks to more effectively curate change and action utilizing small living room gatherings, virtual gatherings, and a global annual video contest – through the Global Co Lab Network. 

Through her storied  30-year career, she’s built and managed global science and innovation policy and diplomacy programs to include track records in visioning, strategic planning, networking, partnering, raising funds, and utilizing team building, advocacy campaigns, public speaking, and listening skills to implement a multitude of initiatives to successful completion.