Take Action – Donate


At Verte Mode, we believe in giving back to the community and alleviating the world’s injustices; that is why we joined the “1% for the planet” movement and are creating our in-house foundation. 


We understand people have different passions and may be more sensitive to local climate change-related effects, which is why we encourage you to donate to the organizations that most reflect your sense of climate change injustice.


If you are already donating to a non-profit organization dear to you, we support you. Even the smallest contribution can help to achieve great results. If you are thinking about donating, here is a list of non-profits to get you started.  We vetted these organizations, we believe in the work they are doing, and we consider them reliable. Still, if they don’t speak to you, we encourage you to check this page in the future or familiarize yourself with your local community. 


Most of us when thinking about clean water actions, immidiately think of ocean protection. While it is a very noble and urgent action to participate in, here at Verte Mode we also like to think of the unheard, less popular injustices. To this day, lots of people around the world do not have access to clean water to drink or to cultivate crops. Which is why we are supporting here Charity water and we encourage you to donate whatever amount you feel is right. This organization has the very admirable goal to bring drinking water to people in developing countries. So far it has helped around 15k people in over 29 countries. 

They have a holistic approach that invole health, education and women empowerment, you can find all information on their website. 

If you are not ready to donate, that is ok. They welcome partnership from brands, and encourage awareness from teachers and students. 


This organization aligns perfectly with the values we have at Verte Mode, to end plastic pollution and to foster sustainable communities worldwide. Like us, they aim to inspire and incite action that can lead to changes in consumer behavior, as well as advocate for public policy changes that will help shaping a more sustainable living. 

This is a global organization supporting different projects in different parts of the world. 

We support this organization because of their unique approach to the plastic issue; they are aware of how sensitive people are to visial stimulation, so they sponsor and distibute films and other digital contents that bring awareness on the harmful impact of plastics on humans and the environment. You can find the material on their website. 

If you can’t donate funds at the moment, we encourage you to look at their education initiatives, you can inform yourself and help educating others, as well as sign up local schools to their programs. 

Like us, they are members of the “1% for the planet” movement. 


Perhaps you already came across the work of this organization from time to time, but if you haven’t you should know this is a multifaced organization focused on safeguarding the planet from all angles. They are a network of over 3 million people, including activists, lawyers, scientists and policymakes to ensure everyone the right to clean air, water, land and a protected environment. 

They have numerous projects around the US and internationally and you can read about all their accomplishments on their website. 

We believe in the multilateral work they are doing and support all their efforts, we encourage you to donate to this organization because we believe them to be trustworthy, but if you are not able to donate at this time, you can still contribute to their projects. From online action to offering your expertise, any help is welcomed. 

If you care about the intersectionality between climate change and women’s injustice, you will be happy to support this organization. This group of women focuses on pushing for gender equality and environmental conservation through advocacy and extraordinary expeditions to raise awareness on underprivileged women and endangered corners of the earth. 

From agriculture resiliency to induced migration, this group believes that climate change is a women’s issue, and empowering women is one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change effects. 

We encourage you to support their work through donations, but if you can’t at the moment, there are other ways you can help; simply look at the get-involved section of their website and find the action that works best for you.

Any help is always welcome.