Counting Coral

Counting Coral is a 501-(c)(3) certified nonprofit dedicated to reef restoration. Counting Coral designs, builds, donates, and installs stainless steel sculptural coral nurseries specifically designed to grow climate-resilient coral. These intricately designed sculptures create both an underwater park and a coral nursery, where fragile reef systems can be rebuilt and protected amongst the awe and attention of tourists.


Counting Coral is diminishing the massive and devastating effects of coral loss by changing how coral gardeners garden coral. Our new approach to reef restoration is to harvest climate-resilient coral and place them on our sculptures specifically designed to protect coral from predators. These precious and valuable corals will be kept safe and allowed to grow to spawn maturity. This coral will then naturally propagate valuable ecosystems.


Counting Coral is leading the development of Sculptural Coral Banks, a new and advanced method to aid coral growth. Sculptural coral banks are designed with coral propagation in mind. These beautiful structures are multi-functional, tackling previous issues in restoration and tourism. Our sculptures are planted with climate-resilient coral, developing into a coral bank over time. Our coral banks will naturally propagate reef systems while maintaining a healthy coral supply for harvesting when needed.




Coral gardening and restoration practices are typically uninspiring to tourists. By connecting art and conservation, artist and founder Jolyon Collier created a way to communicate and address the human impact on our oceans and coral reef ecosystems.


Jolyon Collier developed these intricate art pieces with the help of leading scientists/marine biologists in coral propagation, ensuring they are highly effective and supersede all previous coral practices.